Sergey Dubroff

Sergey Dubroff-JODU was born in 1976 in USSR, in the family of Ivan Botko, a prominent and nationwide celebrated artist. Sergey has dedicated his whole life to art, namely oil painting and operatic voice training. His professional career started in 1993, when he immigrated to Munich, Germany, and commenced his artistic studies. Mr. Dubroff is a graduate of the Munich Art Academy and also of the Graz Conservatory, Austria. The following years he dedicated himself to the genre chosen by him in his youth, surrealism and abstract, with its particular effect of vivid color palette. In 2007 the artist moved to Luzern, Switzerland.

Sergey dedicated the last seven and a half years to the creation and completion of his immense art work "6.000.000". JODU's art has made an impression and is well celebrated by numerous art critics and art lovers in Europe and USA. His highly personal style does not leave one unmoved, and is the pulsating voice of his stormy soul.