Sergey Dubroff

Sergey Dubroff - artist name JODU, was born in 1976 in the USSR in a creative family. His grandfather was a renowned landscape painter. After moving to Munich at the age of 15, Sergey studied at the Munich Academy of Arts, as well as at the Conservatory of Music (vocal class) and at the University of Graz (Austria).
Having received his academic education, Sergey chose the direction of surrealism and abstractionism, and since 2000 he began to actively develop his own art style, called UniversArt - visualization of music.
The paintings created by Dubroff in various techniques were successfully presented at international exhibitions and were acquired for private collections.

In 2007 the artist moves to Lucerne (Switzerland). In his studio he works 7.5 years to create a canvas "6 million" dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust. This large-scale work of 14x2 meters has been presented to the public and journalists in several countries, but Dubroff continues to actively seek new ways to show it to the world.

Having received the status of "Man of Art 2020" according to the Favorit magazine, Sergey continues to actively work on new ideas and willingly collaborates with everyone who is interested in various areas in contemporary art.